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Class Topics 04-20-2016

Gimp – A fast overview

Why use LXD

Class Topics 03-23-2016


Tool to Backup/Restore Your Favourite PPAs and Apps in Ubuntu

GParted partitioning software – Full tutorial

Configuring remote desktops in linux and tips to stay secure

Blender 2.77 Released [How-to Install in Ubuntu]

The Best Free Software for PC

More Kodi


Ultimate Boot Disk Active@ LiveCD!

ownCloud 9.0 Released

Class Topics 03-09-2016

Best Linux Photo/Image Editors


Turn an Old Computer into a Networked Backup, Streaming, or Torrenting Machine with Linux

How to Make GIMP Work More Like Photoshop

5 Lightweight Linux For Old Computers

7 Podcasts That A Linux User Should Follow

How To Be A Google Power User

Class Topics 02-24-2016

Master PDF Editor a complete tool to create and modify pdf files with Linux

Installing Thunderbird in Linux-based

Gconactsync for Thunderbird

How To Upgrade Or Switch Linux Distros Without Erasing Your Files

  1. The Linux Directory Structure Explained

How to Set Your MAC Address Randomly Using Linux


LinuxLive USB Creator$eJb7:fiYiAuKM/

Ubuntu MATE 16.04 LTS Looking like Ubuntu Linux with Unity

Check Internet Speed with speedtest-cli on Ubuntu

Has your Linux Mint desktop been backdoored?

Kodi 16.0 “Jarvis” Massive Update Has Finally Arrived

Pay Attention! Linux Mint 17.3 ISOs Were Hacked On 20th February – Check If You Are Infected Or Not

5 Photo Recovery Tools Tested and Reviewed

Backing up Linux

How to easily defeat Linux Encoder ransomware


Class Topics 02-10-2016

Mint Getting Its Own Apps Starting with the 18.x

XP Unofficial Service Pack 4

Build your own DEB and RPM packages

Class Topics 01-06-2016

Linux Mint 17.3 Stabilizes Cinnamon Desktop

install RegRipper registry data extraction tool on Linux

Linux video editing in real time with Open Broadcast Studio



Simple Photo Editing, Linux Edition!

Class Topics 12-02-2015

Windows 10 Theme for Linux 2.8.16 Released Install In

Ubuntu/Linux Mint Or Derivatives Distros

How to Install Unity 8 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Ubuntu 15.10

How to track your Linux laptop

Class Topics 11-04-2015

How To’s:

Send Anywhere File Transfer

Install Ubuntu alongside Windows 10

Easily create podcasts with the tools from Spreaker


Completely remove Flash from your computer

Class Topics 10-21-2015

How To’s:

How to get Cinnamon 2.8

How to install Mint via USB

How to defrag your Linux system

Ubuntu PPA Management

How to easily convert your videos on Linux

How to speed up your internet connection on Linux

What is Swappiness?


Class Topics 10-07-2015

How To’s:

Airdroid 3 how to get it working


Virtualbox 5.0.6 out

LibreOffice 5.01 out

Going to install newest version


Look at Ubuntu Touch on Phone and Tablet

Watch Video on it!

Kingo Root

OpenShot 2.0 Video Editor to Be Released Soon for Linux

Keeping your Linux system safe

The jump from Photoshop to GIMP

Ubuntu Touch Vibrant Venice Concept Is Absolutely Stunning

Bluetooth Hacks

Pro tip: Reboot Android into safe mode for easy malware removal


Class Topics 09-16-2015

How To’s:


Class Topics 09-02-2015

How To’s:

Add Custom Actions to Thunar



Bitwig Studio Music editor

Other Free Mixers

Wifi Transfer App for Ubuntu Touch Upgraded, Lets Users Send Files to OS

Ubuntu 16.04 Stupendously Hot Charmander Concept Looks Amazing



Class Topics 08-19-2015

How To’s:

How to Turn Any Song into a Ringtone on your Android Phone

How to Enable 1080p YouTube Support in Firefox 40 for Linux


Class Topics 07-22-2015

How To’s:

Setup WPS Office Suite

File Permissions

Introduction to Linux Permissions

File permissions and attributes


Permissions Wiki

sudo chown -R bob:users /data3/Backup-Linux/Zorin/*
sudo chmod ugo+rwx /data3/Backup-Linux/Zorin/*

Soft and Hard Links

Soft Link

To create a soft link called myfilelink.txt that points to a file called myfile.txt, use this: ln -s myfile.txt myfilelink.txt

Hard Link

To create a hard link called myhardlink.txt that points to a file called myfile.txt, use this: ln myfile.txt myhardlink.txt

Install different Themes in Mint

Remove Flash




FreeFileSync 7.1

Virtualbox 5.0 is out

Zorin 10 OS RC

Hacking Team Malware Hides in BIOS to Survive PC Reinstalls

MyPaint 1.1.0 released


Class Topics 07-08-2015

How To’s:

Install and using Gdebi
Installing and using Skype
defrag your Linux system

Tips and Tricks for Linux Mint after Installation Cinnamon Edition


Google new Photo app

Smart Lock for Passwords

Some big changes are coming to Google Wallet now that Android Pay is here

SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD review

Windows 10 will share your Wi-Fi key with your friends

Class Topics 06-17-2015

How To’s:

Going to install the new Mint 17.2 Cinnamon 2.6.8

Going look at the new Chromixium OS. A mix of Chrome OS and Linux.

Saving laptop power with powertop


Get more word suggestions from your Android keyboard



Windows Could Receive a Hard Blow As Linux Is Finally Being Considered for ATMs

LastPass Suspects a Breach, Meaning It’s Time for a Password Change


Class Topics 06-03-2015

How To’s:

Recovering the Windows bootloader

Getting Cinnamon 2.6x in Mint 17.x


Cinnamon 2.6 Is a Massive Update with Better Loading Times and 40% Less CPU Usage

Class Topics 05-20-2015

How To’s:

Going to cover installing Linux Mint alongside Windows and keep the windows bootloader to boot the machine. We are also going to install Makulu Aero (and windows 7 / XP looking desktop) while showing you how installing Linux Mint alongside Windows . Then will show how to setup EasyBCD to add your Linux install to the Windows boot menu. See you in class….


New Linux rootkit leverages GPUs to hide


Best way to protect passwords may be creating fake ones


78% of companies say they run operations on open source


PlayOnLinux 5.x to Use Java


Cinnamon 2.6 and MATE 1.10 to Arrive Soon in Linux Mint 17.2

MakuluLinux Aero Is a Linux Distro with the Look and Feel of Windows Aero – Gallery


Class Topics 05-06-2015


Relax, it’s just Ubuntu 15.04. AARGH! IT’S FULL OF SYSTEMD

Debate init system systemd

NASA tests ‘impossible’ microwave engine that produces fuel out of empty space

New Rocket Engine Could Reach Mars in 40 Days

Going to review Ubuntu-Gnome 15.04 OS

How to backup everything:

Class Topics 04-22-2015

Were are going to install and look at Makulu LxFce. New desktop that takes the best of XFCE and LXDE and combines them.


Skynet is here: Japan’s Robot

Google’s decision to disable the NPAPI, essentially turning off plugins such as Java and Silverlight by default

Lemur – Ubuntu laptop from System76

Students compete for a chance to have their Raspberry Pi code run in space

Is Radio Ready for Ubuntu

Mono 4.0.0 Will Adopt Microsoft’s Open Source Code

Home Bank


New aluminum battery for smartphones can be charged in a minute–sector.html

Battery-Powered Rocket Promises Cheap and Frequent Launches

Dual-boot Windows 7, Linux Mint Debian Edition 2 on a PC with UEFI firmware

How to download a copy of your Google search history

How To’s:

20 Linux Alternatives for Common Windows Applications



Install Encryptr In Ubuntu/Linux Mint

Makulu LXFCE

How to Install and Run Android Apps in a Linux OS

Hardening my server / Reality check


Class Topics 04-01-2015


Google’s Chromebit Turns Any TV Into a Chrome PC for Under $100

Windows 10 to make the Secure Boot alt-OS lock out a reality

How To Encrypt Cloud Storage Files & Folders In Linux

  1. Does Cyanogen Have What It Takes to Humble Android

  1. BleachBit An Alternative To CCleaner On Linux

  1. Cinnamon 2.4.7 Arrives with Numerous Fixes, Should Be in Repos Soon

Class Topics 03-18-2015

How To’s:

Install MakuluLinux 8.1 Cinnamon


HandBrake 0.10.1


Dropbox 3.2.9


SageTV to go open source

SageTV to go open source (four years after Google acquired the media center/DVR software)


Android phones will soon use a smaller, simpler USB connector

What is USB Type-C? How does it change the game?

What is USB Type-C? How does it change the game?


Triple-boot Windows 7, Linux Mint 17.1, Kali 1.1 on a PC with UEFI firmware

Triple-boot Windows 7, Linux Mint 17.1, Kali 1.1 on a PC with UEFI firmware


Calibre 2.21 Lets Users Open and Convert eBooks in External Apps


How to create UEFI-only bootable USB live media?


Creating UEFI bootable USB flash drive with several Linux distributions

Class Topics 03-04-2015

Google Wallet to come pre-installed on phones for major carriers

Why SSDs are obsolete


So long, transistor: How the ‘memristor’ could revolutionize electronics


YouTube Kids delivers a library of age-appropriate streaming

Free 411

Samsung buys digital wallet star to take on Apple Pay

Pinterest Shuts Down Fake Hillary Clinton Account Created by Senator Rand Paul

Cinnamon 2.6 to Be a Massive Update, Panel Support for Multiple Monitors Incoming

So long, transistor: How the ‘memristor’ could revolutionize electronics

Can Hackers Really Take Over Your Car?

Should publishers try to block ad blockers?

US and UK spy agencies stole the secrets keeping your phone secure

Open shared Dropbox links inside the app and organize with ease

Google wants to launch “revived” version of Wallet at Google I/O – WSJ
Wolfgang had asked if you can have different desktop preference settings per workspace but after researching that only see you can different wallpaper. All your preference settings are for all workspace-s and set system wide.

Microsoft Announces the First Azure Hosted Service to Run on Ubuntu Linux

SuSE enters the realm of storage in a big way

Two OSes in one: DuOS-M puts Android on your Windows device

A digital dark age may be coming, Google VP warns

How To Enable Hibernate In Ubuntu Linux


How To’s:
How to mount a Google Drive

gdfuse#default /data3/Google-Drive-On fuse allow_other,uid=1000,gid=1000 0 0

Edit PDF files in Ubuntu

Class Topics 02-18-2015


Firefox gets rid of Flash

Hard Drive Firmware is infected

The only solution to the Equation Group is destroying your hard drive

Whats New:

Newest Clonezilla is out

How To’s:

How to remove and install newest Libreoffice Link

How to in the Cinnamon Desktop in your XFCE OS Link

Class Topics February 04, 2015

Install XFCE Desktop along side Cinnamon

Show how to mount Samsung MTP file system

Show in Cinnamon VID /var/cache/apt/archives/ all the packages from update if you don’t set synaptic to delete after install. Why you need to delete packages after they have been installed.

4K Video Down Loader and More

4K Link

Class Topics January 21, 2015

Distros we will install and look at tonight

MakuluLinux Xfce 7.0

Peppermint Linux 5

How to upgrade from Linux Mint 17 to 17.1

Q4OS (XP) Theme

LinuxLite 2.2

UberStudent 4.1 xfce

Pearl Linux


Class Topics January 07, 2015

Creating Desktop Google Apps in Linux

Fixing ClamAV virus scan

Encrypt and Decrypt files-folders in Linux using GnuPG

Splitting Large Files and Re-Joining

Blu-ray Split File: **********

split -d -a 3 -b 23000m /data/Backup/file-to-split.img /data/Backup/file-to-split.img.

Restore Split File: **********

cat /data/Backup/file-to-split.img.* > /data/Backup/file-to-split.img


DVD Split File: **********

split -d -a 3 -b 3900m /data/Backup/file-to-split.img /data/Backup/file-to-split.img.

Restore Split File: **********

cat /data/Backup/file-to-split.img.* > /data/Backup/file-to-split.img


Make MKV Backups



Class Topics Dec 17th 2014

Install Linux Lite 2.2 64 bit

Using ownCloud to integrate Dropbox, Google Drive, and more in Gnome

How to create a custom backup plan for Debian with backupninja

Set Up SSH Tunneling on a Linux / Unix / BSD Server To Bypass NAT

Check for Rootkits and Malware

From Synaptic install the following 2 programs rkhunter & chkrootkit

Then open terminal window and run sudo rkhunter –check

After the rkhunter has finished type in sudo chkrootkit and hit enter.

To view the results type in terminal window sudo gedit /var/log/rkhunter.log

As a rootkit scanner tool, rkhunter can only detect rookits, but not remove them. Then what should you do if rkhunter reports the presence of a rootkit, or throws any kind of warnings? First, you need to check whether or not those cases are false-positives. Warnings could be triggered simply due to ongoing software upgrades, custom system configurations, or other legitimate binary changes. If you are not sure, seeking help from sources such as rkhunter user mailing list can be an option.

If your system is indeed infected with a rootkit, trying to remove the rootkit yourself may not be the best course of action, unless you are a security expert who is capable of diagnosing the full mechanism, attack vector and penetration path of the particular rootkit.

When a rootkit is discovered on your system, the best way to deal with the situation is probably taking the compromised system offline first, and then moving all your data away from the system. While doing so, do not back up any binary that you cannot confirm is clean.

Video at:

Installing setup and using maldetect a Malware Detection and Quarantine program.

How to block unwanted IP addresses on Linux efficiently


Class Topics Dec 3rd 2014

No more Rebooting After Kernel Update

Uninstall Grub and use Windows bootloader

EasyBCD – download

System Rescue

12 Awesome Themes for Mint 17.1 Cinnamon

Mixer Board for Audio

Virtualbox ver 4.3.20 out

Install Cinnamon 2.4 On Ubuntu 14.10, Ubuntu 14.04 And Linux Mint 17

Wine How to install in Ubuntu 14.04 and Mint 17

Wine Program Data Base:


Play on Linux

32 Bit


How to install a fresh Cinnamon Mint 17.1 without destroying your Mint 17 programs preferences. Comming Soon

Class Topics 11-19

We are going to install Linux Lite 2.2 beta amd64 into the club’s laptop.

Using Terminal window to manually enter commands. Such as sudo dpkg -i *.deb which will install any Debian package you download and sudo apt-get install -f which will fix any dependency errors you might get when install Debian packages. Here is a downloadable pdf link of Cheat Sheet of Linux Commands

Install gnome-schedule In menu under Admin or System and Name is Schedule Tasks. Use Menu editor and add gksu so runs as root.

Install cryptkeeper

An encrypted folders manager, it allows users to mount and unmount encfs folders, to change the password and to create new crypted folders. It integrates with your preferred file manager.

5 Linux distributions for very old computers

5 things to do after installing Lubuntu 14.04

A guide to setting up Makulu 6 in Virtualbox

MediaInfo Get it from Software Manager

MediaInfo is a utility used for retrieving technical information and other metadata about audio or video files.

QWinFF, FFmpeg GUI front-end based on Qt4

Installing Skype and Hangouts

Installing Teamviewer

Also see:


Class Topics for 11-05-2014

Programs for every day use

Many of the program listed below also have a Free Windows version as well. So no matter if your in Windows or your Linux box, you can use the same program. Also if you set up you Data drive to save all your work to a common location, your opening the same file in Windows or Linux.


























DVD Burning












Goolge Talk


Office Suites







An encrypted folders manager, it allows users to mount and unmount encfs folders, to change the password and to create new crypted folders. It integrates with your preferred file manager.



sysinfo is a graphical tool that is able to display some hardware and software information about the computer it is run on.


inxi -Fxz from within a Terminal window


sudo /usr/sbin/dmidecode



Class Topics 10-22-2014


Whats New in Mint 17

Install Team Viewer in Linux:

Go to: download the 32 or 64 bit *.deb version you need then install it…

New Post on How To Install:

Note: will need wine which should already be installed in your distro..

Install ClamAV and ClamTK Anti Virus Scanner

You don’t need for Linux but you can scan Windows Partition’s.

Open Synaptic and search for ClamAV and ClamTK and install both.

Google Web Designer

Backup your Computer

Chrome or Firefox Web Browers – Install Lastpass, disconnect and AdBlock

Then sync Firefox by going into Preferences and then Sync and log in or create any account

Then sync Chrome with your Gmail Account just don’t sync your Passwords

Making a Boot-able UEFI USB Drive from within Windows (Note: I have not tried this program so your on your own here)