Working with Google Docs

When working with Google Docs you must have a Google Gmail account. With Google your email and password gets into all the Google apps they have to offer. (Docs, Slides, Sheets, Calendar, GDrive and much more) If you don't have one you will need to create one. It's free so have had it. Here is a link to sign up for a free account.

Once you have your Gmail account setup, you need to go to your GDrive login here. Enter in your email and your email password.

When you successfully log into you account you should be into your GDrive where you can create and manage your Docs, Sheets, Slide and pictures and more. Your screen should look something like this.
Working with Google Docs 01-Google-Drive-Home

In the upper left the red icon (New) allows you to create new Docs, Sheets or Slides. For now lets select Google Docs.
Working with Google Docs 02-Google-Drive-New-DocNow Google Docs is open, you can just typing your document and start formatting your text and pictures you may want to add to your document. 

If you don't want a blank document you can select from a list of Templates. In the upper top left of the document press the the Docs Menu. Here you will get the list of templates that you can choose from.Working with Google Docs doc-menu

First thing you want to do is name the document. In the upper left of the screen you will see Untitled document. Highlight the title and rename the document.

Google Docs does not have a save button, so as you type and change your document you will see all your changes are automatically saved. Working with Google Docs 04-Google-Drive-Doc-Auto-Save2

Now that your ready to start creating your document, here are other links for working with Google Docs.

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