Virus and Linux

Virus and Linux is not something you see everyday but it can happen. If you stick to installing software from the Software Manager you can be sure it has been checked by the distro your using for malware and virus’s.

However, if you download and install software from outside sources then there is a chance you could infect your system yourself. So you should only download software from known company’s like Google, Virturalbox and other trusted named websites.

Here we are going to install and setup up a virus detection program and scan your system for infections.

  • From the Menu button go to Administrator and select Software Manager
  • In the Search bar type in Clam ( It should show 2 entries – ClamAV and ClamTK )


  • Install both programs then close the Software Manager
  • Now from Menu go to Accessories and open ClamTK


  • Now select Advanced the Preferences and un-check the box that says: Scan for Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA)


  • Now close the Advanced Preferences box and start your scan

Note: The Clam program will get updates automatically but it will take a while. There is a deamon running in the back ground that will go and get your updates in the background. You can see if your virus definitions are up to date by looking at the ClamTK program window where it say’s Antivirus definition — Current. Since you just installed the program the definitions may not be up to date yet. Give it time.

  • Now select Scan from the ClamTK window and select Home (Quick) and start your scan.
  • If any virus’s are found, Quarantine all items found.

That’s it. I would recomend that you can your complete system at least once a month. Also run the Malware scanner from this article: Malware and Linux

Hope this helps




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