Setup WPS Office Suite

Here we will see how to setup WPS office suite so it will save your files as MS Office 2013 suite. WPS office is a free office suite comparable to MS Office 2013. (Personal use is Free) I have not found any file created with Office 2013 that it could not open and display properly. Libreoffice is a great office suite but I have found a few times when opening a  Word document with a lot pictures, it either did not show the pictures or where not arranged on the page correctly. WPS office suite always display it correctly.
However, if you use it for business the pro version only cost about $60. A lot less expensive then Office 2013.

To setup WPS office you must first download the version you need for your operating system. WPS office works on Linux, Mac, Android and Windows so there is version for you.

Although this link takes you to a site that says Kingsoft office, this is the WPS office suite. They had a name change, but this is where you want to get the free versions.
Just pick the OS version you need and download. Here is a link to the download site.

When downloading the Linux version of WPS office, you just can’t double click on it like in Windows. Here is a link to installing Linux programs manually.

Once installed, it should have created icons in your Menu under either Office or Other depending on your system.

Now you have 3 programs installed. 

  1. WPS Writer  this would be equivalent to Word
  2. WPS Spreadsheets this would be equivalent to Excel
  3. WPS Presentation this would be equivalent to Power Point

Now lets setup WPS office suite:

Open WPS writer, then in the upper left corner where is says   W Writer  click on it. Will open a window where it allows you to open files, print and other stuff but in the bottom right corner you want to select Options. 

When you open the options screen, go to General and Save

WPS-office-save-as-default-setup-highlightedChange to save as Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP/2003 Document (*.doc) or to 2007/2010 (*.docx). I have found that *.doc works better for me.

setup WPS office suite WPS-office-file-paths-setupNow go to File Location and change the paths to where it opens and saves your work and where your templates are.

Note: If you’re dual booting your computer so you either boot into Linux or Windows then you should have created a data drive. This way you can set your WPS to open and save in your Windows My Documents folder so no matter what OS you’re running all your docs are in the same place along with your templates. See how to create a data drive here.

Quick General Useage: (Writer)

WPS-office-create-new-docTo open a new document you can either hit the   next to the Online Templates tab or go to  W Writer  and select open.

setup WPS office suite WPS-office-muliti-page-view-highlighedOnce you have a document open and are working on it, you can change the size and also get a multi page view by adjusting the slider in the bottom right corner of the program.

Hope this was helpfull. Both the other 2 programs, WPS Spreadsheet and WPS Presentation setup the same way. Just the extensions change for that program.

If you have any questions, please contact me at this link.


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