Remote Control with Teamviewer

Teamviewer is a nice program that allows you to take control of somebody’s computer, or let them take control of yours.

So if your friends or family need help, you can log into there machine and fix there problems. With remote control with Teamviewer you can even re-boot the other computer and gain control again without any assistance from the other side. Great to doing those pesky updates that require re-boots all the time.

Same for you, if you need help you can let others log into your machine and help you.

Each time you let somebody log into your machine or you log into there’s, you have to enter in a new password each time. This prevents just anybody logging back in at any time without your knowledge.

For a Windows Box:

Go to Teamviewer then go to downloads and under the Windows section pick the For unattended access: TeamViewer Host and save to your Desktop or move to after the download. You don’t have to install this program, just double click and run it. This way there are no extra daemons or services running after you close the program. Every daemon or service left running takes up memory and CPU time which slows down your computer. Maybe not by much, but all the services running in the background that you don’t see take up memory and slow down your computers performance.

For a Linux Box:

Go to Teamviewer then go to downloads and under the Linux section pick the All-In-One: TeamViewer full version and download the 32 or 64 bit version depending on your OS. Save to your Download Folder.

Next open a Terminal window and type in sudo dpkg -i /home/bob/Downloads/*.deb and hit enter. (Note: make sure you have no other .deb in the Download folder or you will install them as well. Also change bob to your name) Link to how to install .deb programs manually.

If you get any errors like dependency problems – leaving unconfigured while still in the Terminal window type in sudo apt-get install -f and hit enter. Hit yes to any questions. This should fix any dependency errors. (Wine needs to be install and should already be installed by default with Mint and Ubuntu distro’s)

Once installed, go to your Menu, then Internet and should be there for you to run. Accept the License agreement and your up and running

Should see this:

Remote Control with Teamviewer Teamviewer-pic

If your getting help you now just give your Your ID and then Password to the other person helping you and they should be able to gain control of your computer.

If you taking control of somebody’s computer ask for there Your ID number and then Password and you should have control of there computer.

Speed is going to depend on both your internet providers and what plans you have.


Hope this helps. If you have any questions you can go to the Contact Me section of this website and email me a question.




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