Install Ubuntu Alongside Windows 10

Install Ubuntu alongside Windows 10 is basically the same as you would with Windows 8 or 7. In this article we are not going to save the windows boot loader. You can go here and read up on how to do that.

First boot into Windows 10 and in the search bar type in System Information and look for BIOS Mode in the right side window and make sure it says UEFI. If you see the UEFI then this should work for you.


Boot into your Live USB by looking for the option to boot from the USB drive. If you don't see it then select Choose other options and see if your Boot from USB option is there. If so select that and boot into the Live distro.

Once your in the Live mode you can open your Partition editor and shrink the hard drive down by about 30 gigabytes. Once that is done start your install and when it says it's finish don't reboot, instead select Continue Testing.

Open up a terminal window by either pressing CTRL ALT and T at the same time or click the top icon in the bar on the left side and type “term” into the search box.  Click on the terminal icon that appears.

Type sudo apt-get install efibootmgr into the terminal window.

When asked whether you want to continue press “y”.

After the installation has completed type efibootmgr into the terminal window.

A list of boot devices will appear.

As you can see in my list there are the following boot options:

  • boot0000 for Ubuntu (this is an old version and can be ignored)
  • boot0001 which is Windows
  • boot0002 and boot0003 are two LAN devices
  • boot0004 which is the new version of Ubuntu that I just installed
  • boot0005 is my USB device
  • boot0006 and boot0007 are two other LAN devices
  • boot0008 is another USB device

At the top of the text you will see that my current boot device is boot0005 which is the USB device.

More importantly is the boot order which is listed as 0001,0000,0004,2001.

What this tells me is that the computer will boot Windows first, then the rubbish version of Ubuntu, then the new version of Ubuntu and finally a USB device.

This is clearly incorrect.
Install Ubuntu Alongside Windows 10 ubuntu-uefi-terminal

To change the bootorder all you have to do is enter the following command:

  • sudo efibootmgr –o 4,1

The –o says that I want to change the order. Then all I have to do is list the order I want things to boot.

So in the command above I have stated I want Ubuntu to boot first and then Windows.

Type exit into the window and reboot the computer by clicking the icon in the top far right corner of the screen.

Choose to shutdown and reboot your computer.

When given the option and before the computer actually reboots remove the USB drive.

Now when you restart your computer a menu will appear with options for booting into Ubuntu and Windows 10.