Install Mint XFCE Desktop along side Cinnamon

When you install Mint XFCE desktop along side Cinnamon you need to make a backup of your current system in case things go wrong or you just don’t like the XFCE desktop on your system.

After you make your backup, copy the following file into a file in your home directory download folder.

Open your text editor, copy and paste the info from this link into it, now save it: xfce-desktop-files-needed.txt 

Now go to your Menu button, then to Administrator then open the Backup Tool. Next select Restore

Install Mint XFCE Desktop along side Cinnamon

Next find the file you created as xfce-desktop-files-needed.txt in your home directory, then hit Forward now Apply. This will install the packages need for the XFCE desktop.

Once all the files are installed, close all open windows and then log out of Cinnamon.

Next select the XFCE desktop to log into by clicking here and selecting it. Next click on Just for this session. Next time you can Make it Default.

Install Mint XFCE Desktop along side Cinnamon

You now have the Installed Mint XFCE Desktop along side Cinnamon. 

Now go and modify your settings in the XFCE with out affecting the Cinnamon desktop. You can log out and change between desktops when ever you like. Your updates will also include both the XFCE and Cinnamon updates.


Enjoy it.


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